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Ruger Vaquero for sale new design incorporates some features from the popular single-action Army revolver used during the American Civil War by soldiers on both sides of the conflict, but most notably combines new features engineered by Ruger based on customer feedback with features commonly seen on the Colt Peacemaker such as the larger cylinder and frame size and wooden grips. Although Ruger’s earlier Vaqueros were well received, many customers desired a modern revolver with extensive safety features designed to meet 21st-century firearms standards. After thoroughly researching customer demands, Ruger released the new Ruger Vaquero for sale with a transfer bar ignition system for enhanced safety in 2005. The trigger design was also modified from previous versions to prevent unintended firing if dropped while still allowing shooters familiar with traditional single-action revolvers to cock the hammer entirely in one smooth motion by pulling it all the way back until it clicks into place (at which point that model’s loaded chamber indicator will protrude from the rear of the cylinder).Construction -The exterior construction of the new Vaquero consists of a solid, stainless steel receiver and a blued-steel barrel and grip frame.

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The hollow aluminum trigger is an industry first for .45 LC single-action revolvers. The large cylinder is designed to hold 5 rounds of ammunition as opposed to six on early models, but it remains compatible with all other Ruger firearms that use this caliber. Ruger has also released several versions of custom Vaqueros such as those with atypical finishes and grips, making them stand out from other variants on the market. Unloaded weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg) empty Overall length: 10 inches (25 cm)Barrel length: 5 12 inches (14 cm)Cylinder diameter: 1.6 inches (4.1 cm)Caliber: .45 LC, .44 Special, .44 WCF, .357 Magnum & 9mm Luger Capacity: 6 rounds (.45 LC), 5 rounds (.38.357 calibers)Trigger pull weight: 4 34 lbs to 6 12 lbs (2.1 kg to 2.95 kgs). Variables include the material it is pulled on and whether or not a spring kit has been installed into the gun during an assembly at the factory. The Buy Ruger Vaquero online became available in blued steel, stainless steel, and a matte black anodized finish. The cylinder of the Vaquero is machined from a single piece of steel and does not have the weak points associated with inserted pin construction. In contrast to earlier models of Vaqueros, which were built on the same frame as Ruger’s other traditional-framed revolvers, the new Vaquero has a slightly lengthened frame to accommodate its larger cylinder size. The trigger guard was squared off in order to fit more comfortably with shooting gloves


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