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The SIG Sauer P238 for sale

The SIG Sauer P238 for sale has been around for awhile now and has earned a reputation for reliability. It has a 2.7-inch barrel. Capacity in a flush-fitting magazine is six rounds, and it also comes with an extended magazine that holds seven rounds. The extended magazine has a grip extension as well.

SIG SAUER has an entire family of what the company calls Emperor Scorpion pistols. Of course, there’s a full-size Model 1911 Emperor Scorpion in .45 ACP with a 5.0-inch barrel. There’s a Model 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion Carry in .45 ACP with a 4.2-inch barrel. There’s a 9mm P226 Emperor Scorpion with a 4.4-inch barrel. There’s a 9mm P938 Emperor Scorpion with a 3.5-inch threaded barrel. And there’s the .380 ACP P238 Emperor Scorpion that’s the subject of this review. It’s the smallest of SIG’s Emperor Scorpions. All Emperor Scorpion pistols have Flat Dark Earth finishes, black G10 grips, front slide serrations, and SIGLITE night sights.

Officially, the pistol’s name is the P238 Emperor Scorpion Micro-Compact. And the single-action .380 ACP P238 is basically a tiny Model 1911 in appearance and handling.

Buy Sig Sauer SIG РSauer P238 for sale 

The Sig Sauer P238 for sale Emperor Scorpion is 5.5 inches long overall and 3.9 inches tall with the flush-fitting magazine. With the extended magazine inserted, the pistol’s height grows to 4.4 inches. The pistol’s grip frame is 0.9 inch thick and 4.75 inches in circumference. The slide is 0.8 inch thick. At its widest point (the slide stop), the pistol is 1.1 inches wide. The pistol weighs 15.2 ounces, empty.

The gun’s rear sight is dovetailed and has two tritium dots, and its square notch is 0.15 inch wide. The front sight has a single tritium dot and is also dovetailed into the slide, and its post is 0.14 inch thick. The sight radius is 3.8 inches.

As I said at the beginning, the Emperor Scorpion pistols feature Flat Dark Earth finishes and black G10 grips. SIG calls the grip panels Piranha, and their style includes dimple-like texturing and the SIG logo. They are attached to the frame with black hex-head screws.

The slide is stainless steel, and the frame is alloy. The FDE finish on the slide and the frame is PVD. The trigger, the skeletonized hammer, the mainspring housing, the magazine release, the thumb safety, the slide stop, the sights, and the barrel are black.

The P238 operates much like the classic Model 1911 that John Browning designed over a century ago, but there are some major differences. Like the original Model 1911, the P238 has a tilting barrel that rides on the shank of the slide stop. However, there is not a separate barrel link and pin like on a true Model 1911, and the barrel doesn’t use a bushing at the front of the slide like the original Model 1911. In addition, at the rear, the barrel’s hood does not lock into the slide.

There is no grip safety. There is a firing pin safety, a hammer safety intercept notch, a disconnector, and a manual thumb safety. The thumb safety operates a bit differently than the manual thumb safety of a true Model 1911. Unlike a true Model 1911, when the hammer is cocked, the thumb safety on buy Sig Sauer P238 online near me does not lock the slide into battery. That allows the shooter to work the slide to empty the chamber with the pistol in the “Safe” mode, but it also means the engaged safety doesn’t keep the slide from moving rearward when the gun is holstered in a tight holster. I didn’t have any trouble with it, but I was aware of the situation before I tried holstering it and positioned my thumb to prevent the slide from retracting while holstering the pistol.

The Sig Sauer P238 buy online Emperor Scorpion disassembles like a Model 1911. After removing the magazine and making sure the pistol is unloaded, cock the hammer, move the slide rearward until the half-round cutout in the bottom left of the slide lines up with the tab at the top of the slide lock, and push out the slide lock. Then move the slide forward off the frame. Lift the recoil spring guide and recoil spring out, and then lift the barrel out of the slide.


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