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Taurus 692 for sale is my  favorite Taurus revolver, The Tracker is a mid-sized, double-action revolver that handles well and offers good value for the money. It is offered in calibers from .22 to .44 Magnum. I have owned several with good results. The latest version is also a double-action revolver with a swing-out cylinder. There is a single-action option that is useful for a field and trail revolver in taking deliberate shots. This handgun features a seven-shot cylinder, giving the relatively compact Taurus .357 Magnum an advantage over traditional six-shot revolvers. While there are other seven-shot revolvers, the Taurus Tracker is among the most compact.

Long barrel versions are available for hunting and competition. My example is a matte blue finished revolver with a three-inch barrel, non-fluted cylinder and ported barrel. The grips are ribbed rubber and give a bit during recoil. Rubber grips keep the hand separated from the steel frame. The result is plenty of adhesion and abrasion, as well as great comfort. While the revolver has interesting features, the grips are the stand-out feature when firing the handgun.

Next up is the Taurus 692 buy online which costs $200 more than the RIA and offers the most versatility of any the revolvers in this match up because of it multi-caliber capability. The 692 fires 38 Special and 357 Magnums with one cylinder and 9mm with a second cylinder. A button on the right side of the frame allows the users to remove the crane/cylinder assembly quickly and easily. It’s almost as fast as reloading a magazine in a semi-auto pistol. The cylinder is not counterbored, so the clip with cartridges lays on top of the cylinder. The recoil shields are smaller than the diameter of the cylinder, so you can see if a round or empty case is in a chamber. We like this feature because it allows us to rotate and close the cylinder on a specific chamber.

This is a seven-shooter, so we had to remember that when firing at the range. The caliber is marked on the cylinders but only in one place. We would have preferred a fluted cylinder for one caliber and non-fluted for the other to make it possible to identify the chambering of the cylinder by feel. We found the Taurus 692 for sale had a cylinder gap of 0.007 inches with the 9mm cylinder and 0.009 inches with the 38 Special/357 Mag, and we expected some splash back but did not experience any. The Taurus cylinder locks in two places; one is a detent in the crane and the frame, the other is the ejector pin in the frame. We felt hardly any wiggle in this one also.

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Buy Taurus 692 online is set up like the Taurus’ Tracker line with a ported chamber at the muzzle. This works as a compensator to expel fired gases up to reduce muzzle rise/flip. In our opinion, this system works well, especially during rapid fire. The black front ramp sight is pinned to the barrel, and our sample had an orange insert that was not perfectly centered on the serrated ramp, which annoyed us. We’re not sure how this sample made it past QC. Practically speaking, however, it worked, and the purpose of this revolver is not target work, but defense. The rear sight is fully adjustable with direction indicators, which we like.

The rear sight is matte black, but smooth. We would have preferred it was serrated to cut glare. The finish is a matte stainless, while the trigger, cylinder latch, cylinder-swap button and hammer have a hard-chrome finish. Fit and finish were nice. The trigger was wide and smooth and good for rapid fire. The hammer spur was large and toothy for sure cocking. The Taurus 692 for sale uses a transfer bar system, so the revolver is safe to carry with all seven chambers loaded.

The trademark Taurus ribbed grips helped absorb the recoil of the 357 Magnum loads. This is a hand-filling grip that does a great job of mitigating felt recoil on the multi-caliber Tracker 692.

Taurus’ trademark ribbed grips helped absorb the recoil of the 357 Mag loads. This is a hand-filling grip that does a great job of mitigating felt recoil. The 692 is also heavy — 35 ounces empty and 39 ounces loaded. This also helps with recoil.

Going hot, we loaded both cylinders and swapped them out during testing to see if heat and expansion would cause any issues, and we found none. This was a nice revolver to shoot with any of the calibers. The Taurus 692 buy online came in third for accuracy — though 3-inch groups at 25 yards on average is good — and that is what we see as the compromise with the interchangeable cylinders.



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