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About the Taurus 942 for sale With the persistent pursuit of all things semi-automatic during recent years, some other genuinely enjoyable action types seem to have fallen by the wayside. This is especially true with rimfire handguns. Don’t get me wrong, I like .22 LR semi-automatic pistols just as much as the next guy, but the younger generation of shooting-sports enthusiasts may not know just how much fun and close-range utility there is to be found in compact rimfire revolvers.

One company that has offered a variety of affordable, small-size rimfire revolvers over the years is Taurus USA.  I’ll admit, however, that the first time I picked up a Model 94 back in the mid-1990s, I wasn’t terribly impressed. The factory fresh 4″ blued model a dealer handed me was not as well-made as I would have liked, since there were dings and scratches in the finish. And the double-action trigger pull wasn’t just bad, it was abysmal. It had to be somewhere north of 15 lbs. with a gritty feel to boot. Needless to say, that particular revolver didn’t follow me home, and I found myself turning to other manufacturers for .22-cal. wheel guns for quite some time.

Like Taurus’s other snub-nose pistols, the rimfire Model The Taurus 942 for sale is a double-action revolver which is strongly influenced by the classic Smith & Wesson design. As of this writing, there are a total of 11 models to choose from chambered in .22 LR or .22 WMR which is commonly known as .22 Mag. Options include 2″ or 3″ barrels with a choice of blued-steel, stainless-steel or reduced-weight models with aluminum-alloy frames.

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These guns are built using Taurus’s Model 85 small-revolver frame with the same size cylinder, which makes them comparable in size to a Smith & Wesson J-Frame or Ruger SP101. The 1.34″ diameter 8-shot cylinder and rounded trigger guard are the same as the centerfire models, as is the grip frame. This means the Taurus 942 for sale line has the same external dimensions and grip frame configuration as its 5-shot and 6-shot .38 Spl. compatriots. As a result, it’s compatible with an extensive selection of existing grip upgrades and holsters, including the Galco Gunleather Scout 3.0 IWB mentioned in a previous Model 856 review.

For this review, the Taurus 942 buy online model that caught my eye was the all-stainless-steel model chambered in .22 WMR. with a 2″ barrel. The pinned, serrated ramp front sight is fairly typical for revolvers in this class, but the rear sight is a bit unusual. Instead of a milled-in square notch at the tail end of the top strap, Taurus opted to give the 942 a drift-adjustable rear sight blade. It has a no-snag low profile that’s wholly unobtrusive with a tiny drift adjustment screw on the left side. I wouldn’t mind seeing this sight configuration on more compact carry revolvers.

The Taurus 942 buy online cheap ejector rod has features I would like to see in all revolver ejector rods. It features a very nice, knurled portion. I don’t think the knurling is all that important – it’s really only used to tighten or loose the rod. On the other hand, it does look very nice. Much more importantly is the rounded tip. The tip is both wide and rounded, preventing the mildly perforated palm common with other, often much more expensive revolvers. Honestly, Taurus has nailed this feature.

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Though it probably doesn’t matter much in practice, I had one of the very few brass-under-the-star malfunctions I have ever had with the Taurus 942 for sale. This was completely my fault as I didn’t get the gun vertical before depressing the ejector rod…and I was shooting .22 Short ammo. Still, this malfunction is uncommon enough that I was interested to see it.

I don’t think I’ve made it any secret, but I am no fan of the .22 Long Rifle.  It’s just generally not my cup of tea. Nothing against you if it’s yours, but it has never really blown my skirt up. Though the Ruger Wrangler has found a place in my collection, I remain sort of generally unimpressed with the .22 Long Rifle.


Sometimes getting your hands on a thing can alter your opinion of it, though. When I pulled this gun out there were a lot of echoes of the Taurus 856 I reviewed about a year ago – a lot of the same features, in fact. I really ended up liking the Taurus 856 and honestly wish I’d held on to it. With that in mind I was completely prepared to set my bias aside in my review of the Taurus 942.

The Taurus 942 is a newly-released, double-action revolver holding eight rounds of rimfire ammunition. The Taurus 942 buy online comes in both blue and stainless, in .22 LR and .22 WMR, and with 2- and 3-inch barrels. Currently only 2″, 22 LR versions are listed on Taurus’ website, but 3″ guns and .22 WMR versions are starting to pop up for sale online. The sample we were sent was the 2″, .22 LR, matte stainless steel version.


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