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The Walther PDP for sale

The Walther PDP for sale was launched In February 2021. This created quite the buzz on the Internet, as it replaces the popular PPQ series. I started to see different versions of this pistol all over and heard good things about them. This piqued my interest and I wanted to get my hands on one to experience the Walther PDP for myself, the Walther Performance Duty Pistol compact version.

The PPQ has been Walther’s flagship pistol. In designing a successor, the Walther engineers paid attention to what worked with the PPQ and where they and consumers thought it was lacking. They studied which pistol features are in demand, and they kept in mind the lessons they’d learned producing the recent steel-framed Q4 and Q5 pistols—although when it comes to reliability, the PPQ has never had a problem, so Walther took the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. The end result is the Walther PDP buy Online, meant to be as suitable for law enforcement duty use as it is concealed carry by private citizens.

Buy Walther PDP online – Walther PDP For Sale

The PDP is a polymer-frame striker-fired pistol, currently available only in 9mm, with interchangeable backstraps. Initial models include a 15-shot compact with a four-inch barrel, and two full-size pistols with 18+1 capacity—one with a 4-inch barrel and one with a 4.5-inch barrel. For those who live in restrictive states, 10-round versions are available in all three. A five-inch long slide full-size buy Walther PDP online cheap is planned at some point.

While externally it seems only to be a distant family relation, internally the Walther PDP for sale is nearly identical to the PPQ. It has a PPQ barrel and striker assembly, and it uses the checkered steel magazine release found in the steel-frame Q4 and Q5 models. The compact uses the same standard PPQ magazine. The full-size models use PPQ-pattern magazines; they’re just longer.

The Walther PPQ has the trigger pull against which all other striker-fired pistols are judged. The new Performance Duty Trigger (PDT—I know, I know, there’s a whole lotta acronyms starting with “P” going on here) uses trigger components that have the same external dimensions as those in the PPQ. However, the take-up has been shortened, and the wall has been made more robust for a crisper break. Advertised trigger pull across all Walther pdp buy online near me models is 4.8 pounds. That’s down from the official 5.6-pound trigger pull of the PPQ, although I’ve never shot a PPQ that had a trigger pull as heavy as the advertised number.

Let’s look at the compact, which I think probably will be the most popular version of the PDP. Dimensionally, it is nearly identical to the standard PPQ. It sports a four-inch barrel and overall is 7.4 inches long, 5.4 inches tall and 1.3 inches wide. With an empty 15-round magazine in place, it weighs 24.2 ounces. The magazine release is reversible. On either side of the pistol you’ll see long slide-lock levers.

While internally the slide of the new pistol is nearly the same as the PPQ, externally it is almost unrecognizable. The PDP sports what Walther calls Super Terrain slide serrations. These are actually ridges that extend out from the slide body, and they are aggressive. They provide an excellent gripping surface for working the slide, and the resulting configuration also offers a wider platform for mounting a red dot. I like the aggressiveness as well as the looks.

I’ve always thought the PPQ had a high bore, but I realize now that was just a misperception due to the profile of the slide. The PDP uses a PPQ-pattern barrel and has the same bore height, but it looks like a shorter pistol with a lower bore simply because the slide is substantially wider at the top.

However, this means your Walther PDP online near me won’t fit in your PPQ holster. Luckily, Walther has been working with holster companies, and by the time you read this at least 13 holster companies will have holsters available for it.

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  1. Javier Lugo

    I bought this and love the way it looks and feels. It’s my first gun. Great price

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